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Dual Mode Authentic Style Hurricane Lantern


Take a trip back in time with the Dual Mode Authentic Style Antique Hurricane Lantern. These lanterns are replicated from real classic kerosene lanterns from the 1800’s. Every detail is included, from the classic rustic appearance of the copper-toned metal to the functioning push lever to light the lantern.

But you won’t need any kerosene fuel to get this lantern going. Four included AA batteries power the two different LED lighting options. It features a bright white 80 Lumen mode for lighting your way, but with the push of the same button, you can switch over to the flickering flame mode. This advanced LED effect creates a warm, ambient glow that moves in a very realistic way.

Both lights create their own mood within a durable, shatterproof globe. And since you have handles to hang and carry it, it’s perfect for camping, the backyard and around the house.

Note: since the design is replicated from classic kerosene lanterns, the still-functioning push lever can move the globe and components out of place a little during shipping. It pushes back together easily though!

Features and Benefits
– Accurate Mold from the 1800’s
– Realistic Rustic Appearance
– Copper-Toned Metal
– Shatterproof Globe Protects LEDs
– 25 Lumen Realistic Flickering Flame Mode
– Bright White 80 Lumen LED
– 4 AA Batteries Included
– Easy operation (One On/Off Button)
– Hang and Carry Handles Included
– Dimensions 9in X 6.5in


i-Zoom Magnetic Rota-Ball Light 2pk with Remote

$25.00 $21.00

The Magnetic Angle Lights are some of the most useful lights around, and with this deal, you get a set of 2! You can mount these, then angle the light in any direction that you need it to go due to the powerful magnets in both the light and the base.

You can also remove the light from the base to use it as a flashlight.

There are 3 different way to mount these. The magnet in the base works both ways, so you can affix it to any metal surface, but it also includes 3M sticky pads and pilot holes so you can mount them on screws or nails for a more permanent solution.

Each light uses a super-bright COB light panel that has 2 illumination modes: High-Beam and Low-Beam. These functions can be controlled from the units themselves, or with the included remote.

Features and Benefits:
– Magnetic base allows lights to freely pivot in any direction
– 3 Mounting Options: Magnetic Base, 3M Pads (included) or pilot hole for screws
– Remove the ball lights from the base to use as a flashlight
– Pack includes 2 Magnetic Angle Lights
– Super-Bright COB Light Panel Technology
– 2 Illumination Modes: High-Beam and Low-Beam
– Includes Remote Control
– Each light runs on 3 AAA batteries (included)

Mainstays Flexible Black Laundry Hamper, 20″


The Mainstays Flexible Black Laundry Hamper makes laundry day easy. Designed with two sturdy handles to make carrying even heavy loads a snap, the hamper features ventilation holes that allow light and air to pass through which can help inhibit mold growth. This hamper can hold up to 2 bushels of clothing and has a lightweight polyethylene construction to make transporting clothing from your bedroom to your laundry room and back simple. The Mainstays Flexible Black Laundry Hamper is a great way to keep dirty clothes organized and off the floor with a sleek black look that goes with almost any room decor.Mainstays Flexible Black Laundry Hamper